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Egg Donation

Egg Donation Process

From deciding to embark on egg donation to completing the embryo transfer can take up to 8 -10 weeks. The steps involved can vary depending on the clinic involved the general procedure is outlined below:

  1. Initial consultation

    This involves a meeting (consultation) at Fertility Plus, Harley St, with either Mr Shah or Mr Gudi. At this point the patient’s history is taken and the suitability for egg donation is assessed. This is an important step as egg donation is not the best choice for every patient hence it’s important to assess each patient individually before proceeding.

    If egg donation is recommended then the egg donor clinics are also discussed during the consultation.

  2. Clinic selection by patient

    In the comfort of their own home patients review partner donor clinics in the UK and abroad and makes selection based on their personal preferences.

    The practice is here to answer questions that patients may have but not make any donor clinic recommendations beyond the existing partnerships.

    It is important that the patient attends at least 2 counselling sessions before planning egg donation.

  3. Donor request form

    Patient completes a donor request form and this is sent by Fertility Plus to the donor clinic to ensure an appropriate match of the egg to the patient.

  4. Donor offers

    Details of suitable donors are shared by the donor clinic and one donor is selected by the patient. Fertility Plus is not involved in the recruitment of donors and the information available to Fertility Plus will be similar to that available to the couple.

  5. Treatment plan

    Once the donor is selected a treatment plan is created in conjunction with the donor clinic to harmonise the cycles of the donor and recipient in preparation for transfer.

    Treatment is started by the patient and the donor in their respective countries.

  6. Travel

    If travel is required patient (and partner) travel to the donor clinic.

  7. Collection & fertilisation

    Eggs are harvested from the donor and fertilised in vitro (partner produces sperm on the day of the transfer). After a few days the embryo is transferred to the patient.

  8. Return to UK

    Patient and partner return to the UK.

  9. Pregnancy test

    A pregnancy test is undertaken at Fertility Plus 12 to 14 days after the transfer.

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