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The immune status and women’s reproductive ability

There has been much said about the natural immune set up and reproduction in women . What has always baffled us is whether the immune changes that occur due to environment or work may be having an impact on women’s reproductive ability.

In a research which was done by Professor Kathryn Clancy, University of Illinois, which in which urine and saliva samples of rural Polish women in traditional farming practices was collected and checked for inflammatory markers. As an inflammatory marker CRP tells us more about the immune function and t can also tell us about psycho-social stress which was studied in these women. The research has found that there was a negative relationship between CRP and women. Thus, in women that had a high CRP, progesterone levels were low.

This could be explained in a couple of ways. Local inflammation increases CRP, which can lower progesterone. It is also possible that external stress like psycho-social immune stress also can suppress ovarian hormones.

Dr Clancy believes that her research may help women to understand their bodies better.
Although these are very initial tests which are looking at various factors, there is some evidence that high levels of stress may be detrimental in the implantation process.

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