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Fertility After an Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is pregnancies occurring in the tubes. They are likely to occur when there are any lesions or problems with the tube. Also, in cases of IVF, ectopic pregnancies tend to be commoner.

What has never been studied is what happens to fertility after treatment of an ectopic pregnancy.


1. In which an injection called Methotrexate is given to interrupt the pregnancy in the fallopian tube.

2. A conservative surgery which preserves the fallopian tube (known as salpingostomy)

3. A radicle therapy which removes the fallopian tube (salpingectomy)

The researchers in a journal of human reproduction in 2013 said that there is no difference between medical and surgical treatment and its impact on fertility. In this large study done, the researchers concluded that any form of treatment, medical or surgical, seems to preserve fertility in, probably the same manner. Thus, the risk of having surgery and the damage to the ovary is relatively less likely to occur. They also suggested that it was important to lower the risk of ectopic pregnancy which would mean earlier detection of infection and, probably, decrease of tobacco consumption.

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